CEW Technologies contract Manufacturing offers precision sheet metal solutions including CNC punching, laser cutting, forming and robotic welding. We employ a lean and collaborative approach to sheet metal manufacturing. Our process engineering team utilizes advanced multi-formatted computer-aided software tools that efficiently convert part models into tool ready applications.

Our industry-leading capabilities include the design and manufacturing of built-to-order cabinets, enclosures, frames, racks, and complex welded assemblies. We pride ourselves in our capacity to replicate items requiring critical tolerance and demanding specifications.

Our unique sheet metal fabrication features consistency and durability required of components incorporated in modern industrial and consumer equipment. From prototype phase, we move into production. Our state-of-the-art equipment assures precise and demanding tolerance producing machine components meeting accuracy and consistency criteria for precision applications.

We work from virtually any type of electronic file, with a wide variety of materials. Our flexibility, adaptability, and metal forming expertise enables us to supply diverse components to numerous industries. We fabricate parts of all shapes and sizes.  Our sheet metal fabrications include chassis, metal cabinets, and most flat and formed sheet metal parts.

Sheet metal fabrication services provided by CEW combine the best in experience and expertise with unique, custom components. The consistently high-quality and accurate parts produced set us above the competition. Our quality can't be beaten. For more information on sheet metal fabrications, please contact us today.